Everybody knows that eCommerce is a continually growing part of the extensive retail. But, did you know that m-commerce (mobile commerce) is growing at an even faster rate? Let’s we discuss m-commerce and which is the best mobile eCommerce solution.

eCommerce businesses are using mobile apps to grow their work functionalities. Thus, raising the level of approachability of their clients to them.

Failing to give a mobile-friendly user experience might be putting you at a lose. Given the rising eminence of mobile Internet and mobile shopping, not to mention the multi-screen world we live in today.

What is Mobile Commerce?

Mobile commerce (m-commerce) is a term that represents online sales transactions that use wireless electronic devices. For instance, mobile phones or tablets. m-commerce is not a separate object from eCommerce. Instead, it’s a more precise sub-group of online sales. It covers the utility of mobile phones and tablets, rather than PC and laptop.

This also drives us to the conclusion that concepts such as responsive design and best user experience. So, these are all essential for your eCommerce business.

mobile commerce

According to the report, 1.6 billion people use their mobile phones to buy online globally. Despite, by the end of 2017, therefore more than two billion mobile phone users will make some form of the mCommerce sales.

Almost, 95% of mobile internet users look up local data on their smartphones to visit a business.Presently, mobile phone and tablet devices account for 19% of all US retail online sales. So, this value is expected to reach 27% by the end of 2018.

Why Need Mobile eCommerce Solution?

Be the master in eCommerce industry by picking the best mobile eCommerce solution for your online business. Explore the advantages:

Ease of Use:
Mobile commerce makes shopping convenient for buyers. It also gives them the flexibility to buy anytime even when they are on the go.

Higher Traffic Volume:
Therefore many buyers prefer to buy online using mobile devices. Using the best mobile eCommerce solution improves traffic volume manifold.

Better Connectivity:
With improved mobile penetration and excellent internet connection, you can stay connected with your clients for a longer period. It also enables your online business a good hope at success.

Personalised Offers:
M-commerce enables you to record typical user behaviors. And it also allows you to send offers based on their browsing options. Personal offers have a better chance of converting and rising your sales.

Mobile is Future:
The mcommerce growth has grown almost three times faster than eCommerce. By opting for a best mobile eCommerce solution, you can give an edge to your online business. And assure your survival in times to come.

So, if you desire to begin your own eCommerce business, then you have to look for an advanced mobile commerce platform. And that can help you to build your eCommerce store with no defects. With specially-designed services around online payments, delivery management, cash on delivery, smooth user experience features – ionwe is only the best mobile eCommerce platform.

Build Your eCommerce Mobile Apps with ionwe:

ionwe is a mobile eCommerce solution along with the end to end eCommerce services. It accelerates your expensive mcommerce app development process in both Android and iOS platforms. With us, you will get the dedicated mobile app at no additional cost. You can leverage the advanced technology for B2B and B2C businesses of any size. You can build long-lasting loyalty with consumers and improve conversions. Hence, you can improve revenue for your retail business with ionwe.

ionwe mobile ready

With the combination of our pre-integrated services and mobile stores, you can take your online business to new heights of success. At ionwe, we also help you build and expand your online store reach to mobile customers by mcommerce apps. It is also designed for eminent app platforms.

Why ionwe is a Best Mobile eCommerce Solution?

Here are the essential features of ionwe’s mobile app solution. And this features proves why it is a best mobile commerce solution.

# Beautiful responsive themes

ionwe offers a lot of m-commerce themes built to prove the power of your brand. You can pick any themes which are perfect for your online store. It also naturally adjusts to fit all screen. The themes are fully optimized for search engines.

# Rich in UI/UX:

ionwe’s feature-rich mobile app allows a user to register or sign in without a struggle. It also gives best user experience to the buyers.

# Smooth User Experience:

We have thought of giving crucial things for the user and combined with our feature-rich eCommerce mobile app. It also allows the users to operate around efficiently and spare time.

# Categorization of Products:

We like to delight the buyers with a smooth shopping experience. And it brings a lot of sales for our clients. So we worked to create a high-ordered eCommerce mobile app. We give the decision to classify the products into various kinds. It assists the users to choose the required items quickly.

# Different Payment Modes:

We fulfill all major payment gateways. It also helps the users to have safe and secure transactions. 


  • Payment Gateway
    We also support all payment gateways. For instance (Google Checkout, Billdesk, Amazon pay, ebs, CCAvenue, etc.). It will be helpful to the users for smooth transactions of your online store.
  • PayPal Integration
    Easy setup of PayPal payment integration. And racing up the checkout process to accept payments by the automatic or manual process.

# A Powerful Backend:

The mobile app works in-sync with the backend admin panel of the online store. The online shop owner has the whole power to manage the stocks and works on the platform.

# Order Tracking:

iowne offers order tracking facility. It also allows your buyers to track orders from warehouse to their doorstep.

# Mobile-Optimized checkout

ionwe’s responsive one-page checkout can boost conversion by up to 12%. Securely take credit cards from mobile customers. And it also allows PayPal One Touch to offer one-click checkout to all PayPal customers.

# Barcode/QR code:

Guide your buyers to product or cart for quick shopping using the mobile scanner that your online store.

# Analytics:

ionwe’s user-friendly admin panel allows you to analyze your performance metrics to create data-driven decisions on your mobile marketing.

# Preview on all devices

ionwe’s theme editor exhibits you how the changes will shape your online store on all devices. At the same time, you can view your online store on a tablet, mobile, desktop screen sizes without having to publish updates.

# Rewards:

Affiliate programs to bring in new buyers. And re-engage with existing clients by offering premium points.

Other features of ionwe:

Push notifications:
To inform the clients about the discount details or the new product. And for the further details – make the availability of push notification on your mobile app.

Timely delivery of products:
This feature helps the buyers to pick the location and delivery time. So, this facility inspires many buyers following a practical user experience.

To allow the clients to download the online shopping app coupons are the right choice. So, giving coupons by the app is vital to raise client support.

Multi-lingual facility:
If you want to take your mobile app to a global level, so the support of multi-lingual will be helpful.

Advanced search options:
This also helps the clients to get the specific product to the least extent.

Store Locator:
ionwe offers GPS-enabled store locator. It also allows your buyers to get location, working hours and contact details of your online store.

To meet these urgent needs, we have created a complete solution for online businesses who like to prefer mobile.

For further details about building an eCommerce app, keep in touch with us. Also, you can call us at +91 9884203777.

Also, you may visit www.ionwe.com and live chat with our technical experts. They will explain how to build your mcommerce app with the best mobile eCommerce solution – ionwe!

Create your ecommerce mobile app with ionwe!

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