If you are an eCommerce business startup online and your company needs to deliver separate and targeted shopping experiences, you need a best multi-store eCommerce solution like – ionwe!

Choosing a multi-store eCommerce solution is a smart way to stay ahead of your competitors. The different storefront models are not only easy to handle. However, it also gives you the facility to experiment with various product lines, marketing strategies, store designs, segmented customer targeting and so on.

ionwe eCommerce platform offers this functionality of various portals with different branding, functionality, and experiences for the customer. This multi-store eCommerce solution helps to boost conversion rates, enhance average order value, and offer brand unique shopping experiences that keep buyers happy and coming back to your online store.

ionwe also assists you to take advantage of having many online stores under your brand’s ownership, thus giving it greater visibility, higher traffic, and conversions. To put it just, you have not one but many eCommerce ventures all promoting your brand and providing you a better online presence. Hence, ionwe is a one-stop solution for launching multi-vendor stores like Etsy and eBay.

Why ionwe is the best multi-store eCommerce Solution for Your Business?

If you are looking for reliable and cost-effective shopping cart solution with multi-vendor options? – ionwe is a right place to build your multi-vendor eCommerce store. It emphasizes a sophisticated and all-in-one multi-store interface that makes it potential to create, handle and manage various online stores by a single admin panel.

ionwe has incorporated a host of tools and features that can assist you to grow your eCommerce business using the multi-store shopping cart model. Let us have a look at some of the essential features of ionwe. This features will determine why it is a best multi-store eCommerce solution for your business.

Unique Storefronts

ionwe has a variety of storefronts for each of your online stores. So, you can optimize your sales while giving your customers an all-in-one experience. Check out how you can experiment with your sub-store themes while utilizing ionwe eCommerce platform;

  • Create the engaging look and feel for the higher conversions
  • Get a completely different look for all of your storefronts.
  • Optimize designs for faster load time and enhanced performance.
  • Customize your design to highlight the USP of your online business.
  • Exhibit device specific themes for every sub-store.

Single Dashboard

At ionwe, you can control all of your sub-stores from the standard dashboard. This feature assists in the smooth management of the business by giving following benefits;

  • Easy and hassle free order and inventory management.
  • Set up multiple payments, shipping and other integrations with a unique login.
  • Easy to set up various products ranges in a standard database.
  • Better overall business management with general admin dashboard of the multi-store website.
  • Get many sales and analytics report at one place for easy comparison.

Mobile Ready

If you have to sustain and succeed in the eCommerce society, your multi-store eCommerce website must be a mobile ready store. ionwe offers robust mobile app solutions to improve your mCommerce on the Android and iOS platforms. It also helps you to grow your eCommerce store reach to mobile shoppers into mobile commerce(m-commerce) apps designed by the renowned app platforms.

ionwe mobile ready

ionwe takes care of this by providing the following;

  • Get mobile ready themes for your storefronts.
  • Build an online store with many storefronts that are mobile ready.
  • Take your eCommerce business wherever you go with the mobile-ready administration.
  • Make higher conversions by tapping into m-commerce potential.
  • Get Android and iOS mobile apps for your eCommerce business.

Shared Inventory

To manage the multiple online stores, you can make use of a real benefit of Shared inventory management. Both you offer different products for many online stores or the same product across multiple stores, you can combine information and avoid duplicate works.

  • Combine fresh products by just uploading in the fields and specifying the right layout tags.
  • You can do a mass import for including a lot of the goods immediately.
  • Just once upload product SKUs, pricing, and images use it to various sections and many stores.

Quick and Easy Sub-Store Set Up

ionwe eCommerce platform offers an easy and fast way to set up multiple storefronts within your online store. The setup process is quite easy and gives the following additional benefits.

  • Build dynamic pages to run target driven campaigns.
  • Get a unique look, feel and design for every online store without losing the brand objective.
  • Create dynamic forms to capture user inputs or expand your mailing list.
  • Allows to roll out niche sub stores in no time.
  • Offer many pricing and deals on same products at multiple sub-stores.

Easily Switch Between Stores

A shift between the online stores to inspect orders, sales, customers, and reports without the works of logging in and out or searching outside resources.

  • Use product edits and uploads for each online store.
  • Manage online wholesale and retail sales, various brands or multiple audience models.
  • Multiple stores enable you to control different selling strategies or business models.

Open to Customizations

ionwe is a naturally flexible and scalable eCommerce platform which assures that it grows with your business. It enables you to adapt to the different requirements of the dynamic eCommerce industry. Check how its flexibility provides you a wide range of options;

  • Customize all online store’s product, pricing, checkout, and shipping.
  • Customize the overall look and feel of guided navigation and conversion.
  • Tweak the multi-store eCommerce platform to meet different business terms.
  • Share customizations over sub-stores as and when required.
  • Customize webpage content for all sub-store.

International and Domestic Payment

ionwe is incorporated into the all top payment companies. With us, you will get ready to accept Debit-Card, Credit-Card, Internet Banking and PayPal orders in your multi-store, and including the cash on delivery option.

international and domestic payment - ionwe

  • We support all payment gateways, for instance (Amazon pay, CCAvenue, Braintree, Google Checkout, Billdesk, Sagepay, etc.). Also, these integrations will be more helpful for smooth transactions of your multiple online stores.
  • We also assist you to setup PayPal payment integration and accelerate the checkout process to accept payments by the automatic or manual process.

SEO and Marketing Benefits

ionwe also comes with inbuilt SEO tools that assist you to simplify and accelerate your SEO efforts. By utilizing the proper strategies, you can use these tools to make your brand rank high on Google and any other search engines.

  • Drive targeted traffic to every online store for assured conversions.
  • Get unique URL for all sub-store without losing the domain identity.
  • You can easily set up unique meta details for any sub-domain for higher SERP ranking.
  • Set separate keywords list for every online store to get maximum SEO benefit.

Simplified Marketing Options

You can build a better marketing strategy for your multi-store setup with following additional marketing features. Expand your eCommerce business with the proper marketing combination of the following;

  • You can easily integrate with mailing software to send mail offers and newsletters.
  • Set up unique SMS, email, mobile and browser push notifications of your sub-domains.
  • Set up online chat integrations for better consumer engagement.

ionwe eCommerce solution is designed to be customized to meet and deliver on any of your multi-vendor eCommerce requirements. It is one of the best multi-store eCommerce platforms that can give your online business into a new dimension. Engage your consumers better by providing them various products by multiple storefronts on your eCommerce website. Reduce comparison shopping and retain your consumers on your site to increase your conversions.

If you need to know more details about our multi-store eCommerce platform, keep in touch with us info@ionwe.com or call us to +91 9884203777 for instant support.

You may also visit www.ionwe.com and do a live chat with our technical experts to know more about this best multi-store eCommerce platform for your business – ionwe!

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