Push notifications are the most powerful form of marketing that you can utilize to boost your eCommerce sales. Many online businesses are relying on push notifications to communicate and engage with different types of customers.

Nowadays, marketing with push notifications is heading to the mainstream particularly for eCommerce websites. Then, the marketers over the world are hunting for innovative methods and tactics to entice customers. In this article, we are going to demonstrate how to increase your eCommerce sales with push notifications.

Let me first describe to you what they really are.

What are Push Notifications?

Push notifications are clickable messages that pop up on the user’s desktop or mobile devices. They come from applications you have installed as a way to reach you & engage with you.

They work sort of like an email subscription. The user should “opt-in” and agree to get notifications from the desktop or apps. The purpose of these notifications is to tell the recipient or user about something important – for instance, reminding you of new offers and seasonal sales, or notifying you about an upcoming sale, etc. When you click them, they redirect you to the event, product, or search page, or might even drive a relevant app. Despite being small in stature, they carry enormous power.

Why Use Push Notifications on Your eCommerce Website?

The use of push notifications enables the direct contact between your eCommerce website and your customers. Messages sent through push notifications are effective because they are not general communications. They work not only to send news on your eCommerce website but also helps to boost your eCommerce sales by different ways of engaging with the consumers.  Additionally, it is a powerful way of marketing that can help you bring back users to your app, increase engagement, sales, and retention.

Push notifications have an excellent CTR compared to email, making them more efficient. Moreover, it can be utilized to inform your customers of new products, new promotions or discounts happening on your eCommerce website. Besides, you can segment the clients based on their interests and their behavior on your website. So, the users won’t be confused with notifications about the products they are not interested in.

Push notifications exactly satisfy this need, because they send a relevant message to the customer. They can offer a discount after a shopping, while the customer is in the region of the store or they can promote the product favored by the client, providing an effective and personalized advantage.

How Effective are Push Notifications?

Push notifications can be a powerful addition to your marketing toolbox, but your success depends on how intelligently you craft your messages. It is used by all sorts of eCommerce companies like Amazon, Walmart, Debenhams, ASUS, Ladbrokes, etc.

According to the research, they create up to three times more engagement with the apps. There are two major reasons for this:

  • Push notifications are received on request of the administrator, not the user. So, this makes clients need to check their smartphones when they get one.
  • People carry their mobile phones all the time

Push notifications are improved engagement & retention – They result in up to 26 percent higher mobile app open rates and 92 percent higher retention rates. Urban Airship conducted a research to discover how push notifications affect engagement and retention rate. After six months, they found that over 30 percent of people that received push notifications were still utilizing the app.

Push notifications are better than email – As a survey by Xtify, the open rates for push notifications differ from 30 percent to 60 percent, and interaction rates move as high as 40 percent. In association, the average open rate for email is 20 percent, and the average click-through rate is only 5.4 percent. So, this determines, push notifications are two times more powerful than email campaigns.

Push notifications drive to more sales – As a survey by Localystics, 50 percent of the people who open push notifications, 54 percent convert from segmented push opposed to only 15% for broadcast messages.

10 Proven Strategies To Increase Sales with Push Notifications:

Now let’s focus on how to utilize push notifications to actually increase your eCommerce sales.

1. Convert Welcome Notifications to Subscription Offers

Constantly, It’s a great idea to send out welcome push notifications whenever a new user signs up with you. So, this is a method the users get a similar experience to email subscription and are convinced that they have subscribed successfully by your opt-in box. Furthermore, multiple users like to ‘subscribe’ only when they receive some variety of value from you.

Accordingly, you can change these welcome messages into ‘subscription offers’ and add special discounts or coupons codes to improve your conversion rate. Providing such subscription offers can assist you to improve the overall conversion rate up to 10%.

2. Use Powerful Words in Push Notifications

Power words will increase conversions than generic words. There are hundreds of power words that enhance conversions. Power words that produce positive returns on Google and the user. Although, it is important to segment power words by platform. This summary of power words by platform, e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, etc.

However, some of the power words can actually destroy the value of a Push Notification. For instance, the word “win” has a lowly 0.61 percent open rate, intimating some uncertainty amongst the users.

Although, you have got non-power words & phrases that work like gangbusters. For instance, “get your…”  has an 11.02 percent open rate; almost 20x higher than the above-mentioned power word “win”.

Therefore, it is vital to know and understand what to include and what not to add. Do watch your competitors’ push notifications, know the rules, and keep experimenting & testing.

3. Personalize Push Messages by Segment

Personalization goes an extended way in customer retention and also improves your Click Through Rate (CTR) by 25 percent. Previously, you know that personalization works for emails, where it improves open rates by 152 percent.

So, it is essential to separate your audience by segment and cohort. The average click-through rate for push messages personalized for behavioral and profile data was 30.6%. Therefore, this huge number reveals why segments and personalization are fundamental to effective push notification marketing.

Thus, you have to put that extra effort of knowing the online behavior of your customers in terms of –

  • Which products do they regularly browse for
  • What specifically they are searching for
  • Are they comparing prices online
  • Have they added anything to their wishlist
  • How much time did they spend on a product page

Once segment your audience, you can push your offers that have been precisely tailored to those engaged users. For instance, if a customer spends 15 minutes looking at a product on your website but tries to exit without purchasing, you can send him an immediate web-push offering a small discount valid only for 15 mins.

4. Increase Signups from Anonymous Users

Multiple users can go to your eCommerce website anonymously, even adding products to the cart. According to a survey, almost 90% of your website users are anonymous. However, if they leave without purchasing, send them a notification later. Then, prompting them of a specific product they were desired in and encourage them to create an account on your eCommerce website and purchase it.

Authentication of users is extremely necessary for an eCommerce website. Tracking and analyzing the user behavior can assist you to target your audience respectively. Comparable to ‘welcome push notifications’, you can promote more signups from anonymous users by drafting out inventive push notifications, that can entice them to give you their emails.

When a visitor creates an account on your website, it becomes simpler to track their activity on your website. And that means you can make a sufficient marketing strategy and enhancing your eCommerce’s sales.

5. Announce the Arrival of New Products or Sales

Announcing the new products available to buy on your website through push notifications is a great way to boost your sales. It is probably the push notifications to your actual and potential clients can lead them to a deeply personalized list of new and relevant products. When you have successfully recognized and segmented the customer base, sending relevant- product push will quadruple the possibilities of growing sales.

Although, you will only inform the visitors you know are interested in those new products. The clients would be most curious to know if the products they were waiting for – are finally available for buying. It could be the products on their wishlist, or something related to their earlier shopping.

Moreover, you can segment your visitors according to their browsing patterns and purchase history. Adding a discount offer for a limited period will not only improve the urgency factor between the buyers but also your conversion rates.

So, make your offer time-bound and it will encourage the visitors to take action instantly. Keep sending reminder notifications to hold the excitement level of the customers, while improving your revenue generation.

6. Know When to Notify Your Customers

Different weekdays and times of day have various open rates. As a survey by Localytics, simply running a push notification from before 10 A.M. to 1 P.M. can increase open rates by 66 percent.

Moreover, the best day for push messages is from Friday – Thursday. It is necessary to keep experimenting and adapting to consumer responses. Make sure to experiment frequently, keeping track of times that drive to the most conversions & leads.

7. Avoid Abandoned Carts

Several users may add products to the shopping cart but they don’t complete the order. There are various reasons for that but essentially, the user just get distracted by something else and they forget to complete the order.

One of the most powerful ways to resist cart abandonment is to send a push notification within a limited time-frame. By push notifications, you can contact your customers directly and alert them about their abandoned carts. According to the report, on average, two-thirds of all orders can be retrieved by the push notifications.

For better chances of making the sale, direct your customer straight to the shopping cart and allow them to purchase with a single click. Through doing this, you can boost sales by recovering profits from the abandoned carts.

8. Provide Holiday Offers and Seasonal Sales

Timing is everything in a season of sale. You can welcome a new season with impressive offers on new arrivals. Besides, the holiday sale is the excellent place to promote time-sensitive offers, adding countdowns, creating a feeling of hastiness, urgency in the clients to end the process. Most of the users have likely subscribed for push notifications because they need to receive big deals from you.

Show-off the new arrivals, encouraging clients to refresh their wardrobe according to the new season. Festivals are another time where consumers look to shop, both for themselves and for gifts to their relatives and friends. You can utilize your analytics to discover what it is that they desire a lot, what they have been browsing, etc. Next, you can send them a discounted offer precisely for that product. This is a great opportunity to convert both existing and new clients with impressive offers or discounts. Likewise, you can share discounts on clearance sales, end-of-season sales on products to gain the maximum ROI.

9. Allow Subscription to Price Change Notifications

Price is only the key determining factor that has the greatest amount of influence on their buying habits. Thus, it is only natural for a buyer to should know about any change in the price of the products in their wishlist.

Push notifications enable you to do just that by automatically informing a user about the change in the price of a product they recently noticed. That exact push might be just enough for most customers to come back to your online store.

10. Upselling and Cross-selling

Upselling and cross-selling are powerful ways to get the clients back to your eCommerce site for repeat purchases. Understanding how to effectively request clients upgrade the product or related product when they are on the platform.

Upselling means selling more than expected while cross-selling means selling a diverse product to an existing client. Cross-selling means to sell a diverse product to an actual customer. Both need high levels of 1:1 personalization of push messages. Both can be made based on the online activities and the previous shopping history of an existing buyer.


Hence, the Push Notifications are becoming one of the better modes of communication. They are more economical & provide enough benefits to the eCommerce players, but a lot based on your own creativeness & timings.

Driving eCommerce sales by push notifications is not a mystery. But, the success of your eCommerce is depending on how will you intelligently craft your messages.

If you need to get push notifications in your eCommerce store, ionwe will assist you in enabling them and helping you to boost your eCommerce sales and revenue.

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