The t-shirt is a staple in casual and modern wear. It has been globally accepted by both men and women the last few decades. Nowadays, selling t-shirts online has become a successful business choice. With the growth in demand of t-shirt businesses, there’s no doubt you will be facing some hard competition. To break through this competition, you will need to have t-shirt designs people love, a brand people cherish and quality people trust. For many entrepreneurs, starting an online t-shirt brand is an excellent and economical way to start an online t-shirt business, whether it’s your first, second, or tenth business.

online tshirt business

If you are thinking about starting your own online t-shirt business, it’s essential that you are aware that it’s a competing field in eCommerce. If you want to succeed in online t-shirt business, you will need to make sure that your online t-shirt store stands out from the crowd. To ensure this, it is essential that you need to have the source of high-quality products, create impressive designs, and build a strong brand image. In this article, we explained the creation process of t-shirt business and how to start an online t-shirt store.

According to Bloomberg survey, online T-shirt company Teespring trades above 7 million T-shirts per year. Moreover, the hundreds of private individuals are earning over $100,000 per year by selling T-Shirts online.

How to Start an Online T-Shirt Business Right Now

Keys to succeed in online t-shirt business:

In the online t-shirt industry, all of these elements requires being thought about almost before moving ahead. There are many crucial elements to be successful in online t-shirt business.

how online t-shirts business works


One of the essential factors in starting a successful t-shirt business is the capacity to stand out from the numerous competitors. So, the best way to do that is by choosing and providing to a specific niche.

In general, categories like t-shirts with exciting catchwords are going to be extremely broad to attack in a grown market. You will need to fix it up a little more. An example of a more specific niche would be t-shirts with interesting catchwords and slogans that relate to doctors and nurses. Being more unique will help you to emerge and better attack and market to the right audience without spending your budget.


The majority of people that are buying graphic tees are looking for designs. Graphics, catchwords, and slogans that connect with the people and reveal their opinions and personality.

Another thing is a customer would need is to find in your menu is a copy of t-shirt design found away. Your designs don’t really should be complicated, in fact, a large number of the best selling graphic tees are very simple. So, you should do this to connect with your audience and stand out.


The quality of the t-shirts you utilize and the prints should be top notch. So, it is a very important factor in the success and sustainability of an online t-shirt business. A pattern that fades and a t-shirt that shrinks and rips will not create raving fans that come back and buy again.


Your brand is a promise that will join together all your choices including your niche, designs, and brand quality. Creating a unique and attractive brand is essential for businesses in a big competition industry. When the consumers have more options, it turns out to be extremely critical for an eCommerce business to have a unique presence to catch consumers’ attention. For example, 80’s people would recognize Maui and Sons a kilometer away.

T-Shirt Quality

As mentioned above, quality is eminent to your brand and its success. So, it will always be enticing to lose on quality for higher profit margins. However, you have to consider how the quality will affect consumer’s choices to share your brand and buy again in the long run.

Quality t-shirts incorporate some factors, including material, fit, sizing, weight, and softness. We have tried and experimented a lot of blank t-shirts for printing. From famous brands down to extremely cheap ones, just ask and we will give you a recommendation.

T-Shirt Printing Quality

There are three well-known techniques for printing onto t-shirts. Although, all techniques have its pro and cons. Besides, it will partly depend on how much time you need to put into the product creation, and the printing partner you pick.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is an ancient technique that has stood the test of time. As a standout amongst the most popular methods for printing onto t-shirts, screen printing can produce a durable and enduring result. Screen printing is most cost-effective when printing in large quantity. Screen printing also pretends issues when it comes to complicated designs or designs with more than four to five colors. Every color increases costs and production time.

Heat Transfer

The Heat transfers have also been around for a long time and exist in some form. The significant advantage of heat transfer is being able to print design on your printer and transfer them to your t-shirts as you get orders with a heat press machine. Heat transfer can deliver full-color images on t-shirts almost efficiently and rapidly.

Direct-To-Garment (DTG)

The direct-to-garment printing process operates much like an ink-jet printer you would have at home. DTG prints ink directly on the t-shirt and can deliver full-color images with exactness. Direct-to-garment printing offers quality printing on standard with screen printing and better than heat transfer. Because it works like an ink-jet printer, there are no setup charges, unlike screen printing. It implies that it’s simple and cost-effective to print small orders.

Choose a Sophisticated eCommerce Platform

You need to choose a proper eCommerce software for your online t-shirt business. So, it is one of the main things on creating an online t-shirt store. The high-quality t-shirt business wants for a high-quality eCommerce platform—a solution like ionwe eCommerce software, for instance. With the best eCommerce platform, building and launching your online clothing store is a very easy and convenient process.

Build Your Online T-Shirt Store with ionwe eCommerce Solution:

Having experienced over the years in eCommerce website development, ionwe builds and starts your online t-shirt business in on time!

Either you are in a current apparel business or new company, ionwe also helps you to build and start your very own online t-shirt store in in just minutes. With the extensive flexibility of ionwe eCommerce platform, your online t-shirt store will be a perfect solution to stand out from the crowd. Hence, ionwe is the best way to sell t-shirts online.

Our unlimited eCommerce script features will make easy your work on a setup of the online t-shirt store. And it lets you sell t-shirts right away!

Mobile App:

With mobile devices becoming a major source for online shopping, it is necessary for all eCommerce business to implement a mobile application. A mobile app is important to offer consumers a smooth way to purchase online.

Obviously, it will not make commercial and business sense to carry out both together. If presenting your t-shirt business with only a website, make sure you get the benefit of responsive design!

All the features you want in your Online t-shirt store!

# Rich in UI/UX:

A feature rich and unusual visually designed app allows a customer to register or sign in without any problem.

# Categorization of Products:

We like to delight the customer with a smooth shopping experience which brings a lot of sales for our clients. Accordingly, we worked to build a high-ordered application. Besides. we provide priority to classify the products into different kinds. It also helps the customer to choose the required products quickly.

# Multi-lingual facility:

If you want to take your online t-shirts business to a global level, our multi-lingual facility will be beneficial to you.

# Simple Interface

Easily handle your products within the clean admin panel. upload products, edit inventory, add new products, feature items, and much more.

# Smooth User Experience:

We have thought of offering essential things to the customer and connected with our feature-rich eCommerce website and app. It also allows the customers to operate around efficiently and save time.

# Unlimited products

Limitless to the number of products you can market in your online t-shirt store.

# Inventory management

Control your entire stock productively. You can also track stock counts and automatically stop products sales when the stock exhausts.

# Content management system

It simplifies to create new web pages, and the built-in blog software gives you a good sales and marketing tool.

# Insightful reports

Examine and get understanding of your products and orders. You can follow growth trends and sales!

# Store locator:

Using the location-based services to inform the consumers when they are next to the warehouse rises availability.

# Different Payment Modes:

We fulfill all primary payment gateways. It also helps the customers to have safe, instant, and secure transactions.

If you like to enlarge your online t-shirt business to create the most of added features and support, you can consider ionwe’s eCommerce marketplace. This also allows you get a commission from many marketers who sell on your website. Moreover, it will take your online t-shirt business to the next level!

For further information about starting an online t-shirt business, call us to +91 9884203777 for a quick inquiry.

Visit ionwe and live chat with our specialists to know the details about how to start an online t-shirt business using ionwe’s eCommerce platform!

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