If you are planning to build your own group discounts website like Groupon, then that’s a good deal for creating a flourishing business in online. There are quite a large number of daily deal websites in the market today.

Here is how you can start an own Groupon like website for running a daily deal business and start to earn high profits.

What is Groupon?

Groupon is a hyperlocal online platform which connects consumers to local businesses by offering them deals at low costs. It is one of the world’s most famous and frequented daily deal websites. It also gives excellent discounts for restaurants, resorts, retail stores, theaters and other establishments which provide to the needs of their consumers.

The company was inaugurated in the year of 2008 by Andrew Mason. It starts with an aim to give group discounts (therefore the name Groupon = group + coupon). However, quickly changed its operating model to be an eCommerce marketplace. It also allows local businesses and consumers to find and engage with each other. Despite being an Internet-based company, it also has more than 10,000 employees!

Groupon is the fastest company to touch $1 billion valuation milestone. And it is the pioneer of online deals revolution. The firm has well positioned itself as a hyperlocal online platform where users find and save on things to do, see, eat and buy which makes it reasonably easy to guess. Groupon makes money as a middleman by connecting local businesses to consumers.

Why Create a Website Like Groupon?

If you are offering deals on your website, then more consumers will get attracted to your site consistently. The deals will not only keep your consumers consistent. And it convert them but will also improve a trust towards your brand and website’s products. Let’s take a real-world example when any physical store runs offer on their products at that time, and the big crowd gets attracted to that shop. It also boosts sales of that store’s merchandise. And when those consumers go out and share their experience for the discount, they got from the store with which more traffic rush to that store to take the best deals before offers get over.

The image below shows how the group buying better against individual buying.

Groupon Business Model

Groupon Business Model

Groupon has a well-designed revenue model where it earns money from retailers in the form of commissions by providing them consumer and marketing tools. Also, it connects sellers of merchandise and services with customers using attractive and discounted offers.

Groupon Business Model and Process

How Does Groupon Make Money?

Groupon earns most of its profits by promoting and marketing businesses on its website. This platform serves as a middleman between potential consumers and the retailers. And it can charge commission on all consumer referred to the business. But this commission revenue model is not as simple as it seems.

Suppose a merchant ‘XYZ’ runs a campaign on Groupon to offer his $100 service at 50% off and signs a 50-50% revenue sharing contract with the company. This means for every deal sold on Groupon, XYZ earns $25, and Groupon earns $25. A minimum number of signups is needed before the deal is ON. And there is usually a cap on how many are sold.

But Groupon only shares the income of the deals covered at the merchant’s shop and not the total amount of deals auctioned. That means if out of 100 deals sold by Groupon, only 70 were covered:

XYZ earns: 70*25= $1750

Groupon earns: (70*25) + (30*50) = $3250

Groupon's revenue

Merchants with a significant fixed overhead might find this helpful and even profitable. Those with a high variable cost might not include their costs. So will need to make the clients a repeat consumer.

The revenue sharing percentage depends on the negotiations. And the marketing tools utilized by the merchant. These tools include product promotion, ads, deal of the day listings, etc.

How to make a website like Groupon? How to Start a Groupon Like Business?

To make a profitable deals site from Groupon, you need to take care of some important things;

Market research and study

Just like any business adventure, investing in a daily deals website also needs initial market research. Demographics study, competitor analysis, and various similar studies need to be initiated as per your business idea. Your local commerce bodies and business promotional agencies can assist in collecting the information. There are also private companies that can support in undertaking the market analysis.

Differentiate your deals website

If the market study indicates investment potential, then, next task is to think how you can separate your deals website. This step is most important if there already are deals brands operating in your region. This can be done by;

  • Building a niche for yourself.
  • Studying market needs closely and providing to them.
  • Focusing on limitations of your rivals.

Hence, being just another Groupon clone is not going to make you the market leader in your region. It’s only by differentiating yourself that you can dominate deals business in the long run.

Invest in robust Groupon clone script

Before running a daily deals website, you require making the deal for your group buying script. The best way to start a daily deals website like Groupon is to find software which offers similar features as Groupon is offering — a solution like ionwe eCommerce platform. ionwe is a readymade eCommerce solution and easy to use daily deal builder. It also offers similar Groupon like business model. With ionwe eCommerce platform, building and launching your Groupon like website is a simple process. This script is optimized to provide a precisely identical user experience that made Groupon a popular choice. You can build your own daily deal website like Groupon using ionwe’s Groupon clone.

Why You Build Groupon like website from ionwe?

ionwe offers you the feature-rich ready-made online deal website like Groupon. It is extremely optimized for both the web and mobile platform. It also provides you the customized app with your own brand name. Especially, it is cost-effective, easy to use and has plenty of extensions to enhance your marketplace features. Our groupon clone script provides you the capacity to connect different types of businesses with particular customers and groups.

Our Groupon clone is integrated with a neat design and extensive features. Make use of collective purchasing power and effortlessly operate a money-spinning group buying business. It also enables you to access your targeted audience profitably in a hassle-free manner.

Our Groupon clone enables you to own a group buying website successfully. It allows peoples to browse famous deals for apparel, goods, travel, movies, restaurants, and electronics which is accessible by various sellers. Moreover, we provide the complete assistance to build a website like Groupon.

Features of our Groupon Clone Script

New Customer offer

You can offer some discount to new customers to make them feel special. And you can easily convert them into a paid customer.

Referral Discounts

Provide customers some discount for referring your website to their friends. And this will increase your sales also and promote your store as well.

Rewards point to customers

Reward your customers with some attractive deals time to time for building a strong bond with them.

Provide a discount on the minimum purchase

Motivates customers to invest more money by offering the discount on a purchase of some specific amount.

Multilingual Support

ionwe’s multilingual functionality will support multiple languages so that sellers and customer of any location could use your website for buying/selling products.

Log in via Social Media

This allows sellers and buyers can log in via social media sites like google+, LinkedIn, facebook or twitter.

Social Sharing

This enables users can effortlessly share any attractive listed to their friends utilizing our social sharing option.

Marketing techniques

Our Groupon clone script also has newsletter/mail subscription. Any new deals or update related to any product will be easily communicated to customers.

Coupon Codes

This also allows generating different coupon codes for discounts, freebies, special offers based on shopping cart price rules for orders.

Google Analytics Integration

Integration with high-end Google Analytics to track sales. And it also helps to get insights through in-depth reporting feature to increase profits.

MailChimp Integration:

This feature also helps you to intimate the website users, all about the latest and great deals offered every day from the merchants.

Advanced Merchant Dashboard:

Collective information related to deals and coupons are listed in the stats format of merchant’s dashboard. All the vendors will have a separate area to manage their own setting


ionwe’s Groupon clone is fully customizable as per your business model and requirements with feature-rich responsive design on latest trends.

Cloud hosting:

This feature also helps to improve your website performance at 5x speed with cloud migration. It is now easy to reduce your load time and managing data backup easily.

SEO friendly URLs

Enable search engine friendly URLs to customize the URL structure based on your keywords focused on driving targeted traffic.

Mobile Friendly

Our Groupon clone script extremely optimizes your deal website utterly perfect on the mobile phones and tablets at any time.

Multiple Payment Options

ionwe also has simple offline & online payment options like cash on delivery, credit card, and debit card payments to attract more customers. We also support all payments gateways including(Google Checkout, CCAvenue, Amazon pay, Autherz, Wordline, Skrill, etc.)


ionwe’s Groupon clone comes with a configuration to SSL certificate. Therefore, all the pages, content & transactions will have a high level of security with https support.

Free Installation:

We also provide free installation and setup facility with comprehensive documentation to update changes without any hesitation.

For more details about building an eCommerce website like Groupon, keep in touch with us here
www.ionwe.com or call us to +91 9884203777.

Having An Idea of Developing a Successful Deal Website Like Groupon

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