The online Jewelry business is growing in the last 5 years. Jewelry has significantly added to the economy and raised the nation’s GDP through exports. Purchasing and Selling jewelry is big business and can be tremendously lucrative! To understand Jewelry as a viable customer product, the market should be explored. It is the general accord that eCommerce platform works best for the comfort of shopping and outreach everywhere in the world. Many online shopping websites like Flipkart and Amazon have strongly dominated the market to sell jewelry online. Since Jewelry business is unique, there is a potential to grow and develop the consumer base.

Why Start an Online Jewelry Store?

Jewelry has always played a tremendous role as a useful accessory to complete the attire of an individual. Selling jewelry online is an excellent way to reach a global audience. Whether it is the sale of jewelry or manufacturing of it, the truth remains that this is one highly lucrative business; as there are lots of profit to be realized from the trade. On the internet for example; many jewelry businesses are being advertised on a daily basis.

Moreover, the market is broad, as more people learn about this unique trade from the internet. This is one business that is not difficult to start. Because, with your capital at hand, you can learn the skills needed, be an importer of already finished ones or perhaps deal in jewelry on a wholesale basis, and after that sell at a very good price.

What can be better than starting an online jewelry store without large investments in purchasing a storefront? All you require is the proper guidance to start it. In this article, we explained how to start an online jewelry store and how to sell jewelry online.  

How to sell jewelry online?

Take a look at some tips of the online jewelry business.

1. Find out what the latest trends are in the jewelry market

To become successful in the online Jewelry business, the owner needs to know the market potential. The thing to ask is: Who am I going to sell it to? The obvious answer is anyone who has a passion for Jewelry. It is a misapprehension, and regular people are deluded to believe that only the rich can afford Jewelry. The fact is that jewelry should not be seen as a dazzling commodity, but instead as a handcrafted item that can be manufactured with ease of technology.

2. Fine jewelry requires a healthy relationship with a distributor.

You will be dealing with expensive goods and finely crafted from valuable metals and jewels. It should go without saying that you will have to believe your distributor. Thus, it’s essential to spend a lot of time on choosing the best partner with whom to run your business.

3. Find out how you want to price items to turn a profit.

Learning how to sell jewelry online needs a bit of math. When you pick a dealer, you will discover that jewelry will be less expensive to purchase in bulk than it is when it’s marketed directly to the customer. You must mark your products up, including a little profit wiggle-room for promotions and special deals you would like to offer to attract into your online jewelry store.

4. Create a unique identity to attract consumers.

What makes your online jewelry store different from the others? Surely, you may offer the same brand as other online merchants, but you can position your store as a much more appealing option. Uniqueness is vital in business as long as you make it clear to clients what precisely you sell right off the bat. As you acquire how to sell jewelry online, you will realize that creating a brand comes down to truly understanding your audience.

5. Choose the shopping cart software platform with the most robust foundation.

The High-quality jewelry begs for a high-quality eCommerce software platform—a solution like ionwe eCommerce platform, for instance. With the best eCommerce platform, building and launching your online jewelry store are simple processes. That kind of efficiency extends into the jewelry business management process. It is giving you simple tools to spread the word, manage customer relationships and set up simple integrations with shipping partners.

Start your online jewelry store with ionwe eCommerce Solution.

With our ready-to-go eCommerce platform, we take you from start to finish in the development and operation of your online jewelry store. Whether you are looking to sell high-end fine jewelry, handcrafted necklaces, vintage treasures, bracelets, rings or more. ionwe allows you to make an online jewelry store with unique features which are required for the online jewelry business. It is the best place to sell jewelry online. In just minutes, you can start selling your jewelry online with our advanced eCommerce platform. With lightning high-speed servers, secure hosting and unlimited bandwidth, we have the potential to develop as your online jewelry business grows.

ionwe helps you to build your own online jewelry store and get a large number of online customers in just a few days. Our online jewelry shopping platform offers the flexibility to optimize your online store. It will give a personalized shopping experience to the consumers and helps to improve conversion and sales.

This online jewelry store is best suited for retailers who deal with jewelry business. Our fashion eCommerce script is well-coded as such to transform your jewelry business with the integrated eCommerce platform that gets your online jewelry store successful in the jewelry business. Expand your jewelry business with our eCommerce platform. In few short steps, you can start to sell jewelry online and connect with consumers worldwide.

Mobile App

ionwe also offers mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms that help you to increase your consumer outreach and get more sales from mobile users. It gives a straightforward quickest shopping experience to your mobile visitors with the power of mCommerce. It is auto-synced, meaning changes made on the website backend will get reflected onto your online jewelry store mobile app simultaneously.

Features of ionwe eCommerce Solution:

Flexible Tax Rate Management

ionwe allows you to set tax rates as per the location, product type and more utilizing flexible tax rate management with comfort to international markets.

Product Certificate

You will get the ability to upload product certificates. It provides in-depth information about specific products authenticity and quality.

Product Filtering

Increase conversions with better shopping experience by filtering products based on jewelry categories, jewelry price range, and net weight.

product filtering

Product Doubt Enquiry

This acts like customer care which helps customers submit queries about any product before buying to simplify decision making.

Feature Best Selling Brands

Showcase best or top brands of the jewelry products on any page on the website by system generated or manually adding functionality.

Related Products Widget

Display the related or suggested jewelry products in the category, product, and shopping cart pages using the order and page view data.


ionwe is fully customizable as per your online jewelry business model and requirements with feature-rich responsive design on latest trends.

One-page Checkout

Simplified single step checkout to help buyers pay quickly with more comfortable features. It helps to drive more sales and revenue.

One-Page Checkout

Quick Add to Cart

Customers can add items quickly to the shopping cart with simple drag and drop functionality. It is reducing the number of steps with fewer clicks.

Quick add to cart

New Products Widget

Enables to highlight, promote or view new products in your online jewelry store using New from Date and New to Date attributes.

Customizable Breadcrumbs

The breadcrumbs feature help the customers to navigate your online jewelry store more efficiently. You can also have more custom breadcrumbs if required.

Fully Responsive

Our ionwe eCommerce platform provides responsive themes with ‘fit-all-screen’ compatibility. It enables the customers to order from your online jewelry store using mobile phones or tablets.

Add to Wishlist

Customers can add products to wishlist without page reload with just a drag and drop feature in a more engaging, and user-friendly manner.

Payment Gateway

We support all Indian payment gateway integrations for effortless transactions of your online jewelry store.

Multiple Payment Options

ionwe provides simple offline & online payment options like cash on delivery, credit card, and debit card payments to capture more consumers.

multiple payment options

Print Invoice

ionwe gives the ability to print invoice bills in the PDF file formats with just one click on the order details page for every item in the order.

Free Installation

Free installation and setup facility as you will be offered with extensive documentation to update changes without hassle.

So that those features being said, these are the fast ways to get started with your jewelry shopping website! It can also be beneficial if you find the perfect script like ionwe that has excellent features to start your online jewelry store to sell jewelry online like never before!

If you like to expand your online jewelry business to create the most of added features and support, you can consider ionwe eCommerce solution. Its multi-vendor feature allows you to get a commission from many vendors who sell on your jewelry shopping website. ionwe will take your jewelry business to the next level. So, start an online jewelry business and sell your jewelry products with feature-rich eCommerce platform ionwe.

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