An online booking system is easy to user or consumer. If you will plan a trip or holidaying absolutely, you will search a hotel, guest house, and resort whatever you want to relax and stretch the less free mind. To make a journey peaceful and safe, there are many factors to look on, with the first significant thing being ‘booking the right hotel.’ A Hotel Booking system is the fastest trend at present. Moreover, it is one of the most effective tools for the travel industry.

The Online hotel booking service provides the one-click facility on a single platform. Despite the fact that, the business process is simple to set up and execute. There are particular things which you got to recognize to integrate the hotel booking system successfully. In this various features will provide the best solution for online hotel booking which is made easy and secure service provider. Let’s we discuss how to make online hotel booking website, and it’s required features.

How to Start an Online Hotel Booking Business?

Select the Proper Hotel Booking Script:

The most important factor to look on! If you intend to have a top-grade hotel booking business, then surely you got the opportunity to depend on a comprehensive hotel booking script. Make sure that the online hotel booking script comes with useful features of setting up an extremely proficient online hotel booking system. This script is featuring multiple languages, different payment methods, compatibility with different browsers and so on. Additionally, ensure that the script covers all the requirements you need to have on your online hotel book website.

Leading players in online hotel booking industry:

  • Trivago
  • HotelTonight
  • Orbitz
  • Expedia /Travelocity
  • Priceline

Online Hotel Booking Business model

The budget hotel rooms industry is pegged at above $20 billion, and rising at a double-digit rate. A significant part of this demand is because of emerging tier one and three cities where there is a severe shortage of quality accommodation. This is the place stages like Travigo and Priceline pitches in to become a chain of premium budget hotels. These platforms are reinventing hospitality by providing travelers with friendly, affordable, secure and reliable rooms.

The reason behind expedited growth following this business model is its technology contribution. A massive number of hotels over the world are not sufficient enough to handle their bookings, consumer reviews, and online listings. The online budget hotel chain platform attempts to reduce these deficiencies by taking these unbranded hotels under its brand and offering them 70-90% possession.

When it comes to making revenue, there is two type of approaches you can consider:

  • Charge a fee for every transaction made by the hotel booking platform.
  • Charge a percentage of total monthly incomes generated for a hotel in a month.

Here are the features required for an Online Hotel Booking System:

A business model of these of these platforms depends on offering a premium chain of low budget hotel rooms under a single banner. Following are the website features required for an online hotel booking system.

PayPal Adaptive:

PayPal adaptive payments are used to receive or send payment from any region of the world. Besides, you can process simple, chained or parallel payments to have entire control. And you will get the flexibility in handling online transactions.

Integrated Payment Gateways:

Nowadays, online banking is a widely accepted phenomenon. More than 55% of US consumers pay with credit cards, and other peoples are pays with internet banking, promo codes, digital wallets, and related payment methods. Most of the online Hotel Booking websites will accept payments from digital wallets. This requires secure & protected payment gateways option, which accepts a foreign currency and converts into a local. The traveler must be able to choose from a wide range of options on payment gateways.

Mobile App:

In this age of mobility, it has become crucial to have a mobile application so that users can purchase, book, or study on the go. To assure that users are aware of your offering, you can have a dedicated section first on the homepage that shows a link to your mobile app. In addition to it, you can also make provision of a discount on first booking to entices users into downloading your mobile apps.


SEO-friendly meta titles, tags, URLs, and website structure that will take your online hotel booking website to the first place of search engines. Also, the website structure and link structure are optimized from the point of view for highest conversions.

One-Step Checkout:

Simplified one step checkout to help consumers pay quickly with more convenient features to drive more sales and revenue. It also asks for the bare amount of information that is necessary to process the payment. You can accompany this with the autofill feature, and it can save consumers time and effort leading to quick conversions.


When the users land on the homepage, it takes him one look to decide whether to utilize the service or head on to a competitor. This is the reason you have to go all out when it comes to homepage design. Some of the essential features worth including are:

  • The prominently placed tagline that embraces the visitor on the homepage.
  • A menu bar that shows all the cities where you offer hotel booking services.
  • To attract users into using the service, you can also list a great stats about yourself.
  • The search bar presents the tagline along with extended search parameters.
  • Testimonials section.

Hotel Listing:

The success of an online hotel booking website depends upon the user experience of the site and information it provides. The user-friendly design layout is very important in the hotel booking business. It also holds true for listing page, which displays all the results elegantly. So, the recommendations include:

  • A location map, which highlights all the possible means to travel around.
  • Price per day/night displayed right below the banner.
  • A top banner that shows an image of a prominent location in the city along with name, visitors, and the number of rooms.
  • Nearby Attractions: Places to visit to do nearby this location.


All online venture requires a USP to connect immediately with its target audience. And it should be featured clearly on the homepage. It also informs them why they need to pick an accurate service provider. And you need to focus on:

  • Affordability
  • Convenience
  • Reliability


Without any doubt, the search is a standout amongst the most significant aspects of any eCommerce platform. Besides along with hotel booking functionality, you have to put a lot of emphasis on search experience. Different search parameters that assure optimal performance such as:

  • Location
  • Check-in/ check-out date
  • Number of rooms
  • Number of travelers


To make the user experience different, you require fulfilling several design implementations over the website. It is an advantage of including a 3D carousel slider on the homepage. It also highlights most popular cities where you provide services. All thumbnail of the city can show the number of rooms available in that city.


Testimonials and user reviews make it simple for first-time customers to make a choice. Studies have demonstrated that customers depend firmly on testimonials before choosing for a service or product. This is the reason why your online hotel booking website must have a dedicated section of testimonials on the homepage.


Adding a verification process on your online hotel booking website to guarantee that the users are legitimate. This is also important to confirm there are no spam bookings. To ensure users have to put in an OTP code which is sent to their registered mobile numbers. After checking the OTP code, the user will get confirmation of their online hotel booking.


Providing a feedback form can bring you beyond improvement areas and suggestions from your target audience. A simple form utilizing which users can send queries to the consumer services department can serve the purpose entirely. Additionally, it will not require much effort from the development team.

Why choose ionwe to build your Online Hotel Booking Website:

iowne is a readymade eCommerce platform which helps to build your online hotel booking website in a short while. It’s a cost-effective solution, and it also helps to grow your hotel booking business efficiently. This online hotel booking module is designed with beneficial features for setting up a well competent online hotel booking system. It also helps in handling the rooms of a hotel or other lodging facilities. Also, you can display many rooms with available facilities.

ionwe takes away the pain of building your best hotel booking website. The script gives you the benefit of market-readiness. There is no coding & programming experience required, except for additional customizations to make your online hotel booking website look and feel unique.

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