Do you own an online store? Then, it is straightforward the primary goal will be enhancing the conversion rate. But, there is an enormous contrast among grabbing the sales clumsily and getting a massive amount of customers by going behind some smart formulas. Keep this in your mind always, don’t do anything desperately, as it will destroy your conversions for sure. Do you think, then how can I do this better to enhance the conversion rate when your budget goes down and years wind up?

So, here is an alert which can be used to increase the conversion rate without spending more money. Don’t think that you need to spend lots of money on an agency to augment the ideas you have. That’s not the exact case, and there are lots of optimization tricks that you can use it without spending lots of money.

Here are the top fifteen tips that you can take advantage of increasing the conversion rates in eCommerce sites.

How is conversion rate calculated?

Usually, we refer conversion rate as some visitors who reach your website and do whatever action what you want them to do. It is highly important to measure the success rate and profitability of the business. It is also used to predict the future success rate and everything that is related to your online business.

It is simple to calculate the conversion rate, if you have 4,000 visitors per month and only 80 converts to buy from your website, then you have only 2% of conversion rate.

“Conversion rate of 2016, AOL search brought up to 4.48% whereas Google with 1.71%.”

This metric is crucial to any business, the higher the eCommerce conversion rate the higher will be the value for the time, money, energy you spent.

What is a good conversion rate for your eCommerce website?

After the analysis of massive amount of data using the conversion rate and landing pages, it is clearly known that the average conversion rate of e-commerce sites is typically around 2-3%.

Do you know how to increase eCommerce conversion rates of your online store? Here is a list of 10 tips you can make right now to improve your online conversions.

1. High-Quality Product Images

Do you need to have a break in your e-commerce web store? Then, the main thing you need to concentrate is the feature rich products as most of the people, research through the images before buying any product. So all you can do to enhance your business is to concentrate over the clarity, lightings, and aesthetics of the pictures that you enclose for the product.

“Images, the only best choice that could sell the products online.”

Studies shows bigger photos yield high conversion rates. Upload super high-quality big images with lots of white spaces around. Keep this in mind, you have to upload more than one images, the better the pictures, the better will be the conversion.

2. Right Length of Product Copy

The next thing that matters in increasing the eCommerce conversion rate is the product description. This help in giving the best information about the product and as well help highly in convincing the people to buy the right products. You should try to upload both the compact and long version to deliver the spirit and significance of the product.

“Write product descriptions which will make your customers love your product.”

The product’s long copy works best if your product is expensive, unique, unsought, involved with many features and more. Make sure to be more explicit and detailed for precise and accurate for specific products.

3. Charging for Shipping Kills your Conversion

Today, half of the online merchants provide free shipping for the products and some of the reputed web stores like Amazon, and JCPenny offers free shipping only if you buy above Rs. 500 or $25 or $50 and some offer free for all type of dispatch.

“The #1 cause for the dissatisfaction of customers – High shipping costs.”

A study from E-tailing group has found that free shipping is the number one criteria for making a purchase. In some study, 93% of the customer’s order the products which have free shipping.

4. Clean and Contrasting CTA Button

The best way to showcase your product page is to do experiment with the Call To Action button. This doesn’t mean the changing the color contrast of the button, but to provide a high-quality button which will help to convert your visitors to customers. Make everything easy and never make them hunt everything out.

“Buttons are what makes people click it, and their conversion happens.”

Creating a smooth experience for customers is a critical one, so be sure that your CTA button stands out. Be sure that “add to cart” and “checkout” buttons are brightly colored, clear and significant. Remember, you don’t need glitzy buttons.

5. Offer a Working Search Function

This is very simple, and the successful companies know the importance of the effective search function that helps to drive sales and as well for engaging the users. They are constantly empowering by using the search technology to optimize the customer experience and also promoting the products.

“Amazon optimize search results and products based on what the users are looking for – a success story.”

By following some simple tips, you can quickly improve your website, making the visitors to engage and as well for enhanced conversion rate highly.

  • Having site search on websites
  • Using visible search boxes
  • Lower latency wins
  • Search box with auto-completion

6. Offer Multiple Payment Options

There are two good reasons for why you need to provide multiple options for payments. The first one is there are several scandals regarding the theft of credit card information that too on the website which they had never used. The other one based on the survey of 2009, most of the customers are cancelling their purchases if they don’t have their preferred payment option.

“Rising consumer withholding by 5% can boost the revenue up to 95%.”

Using alternate payment methods like PayPal, Amazon instead of credit payments are likely to reach and help to win over some of the customers.

7. Tackle Shopping Cart Abandonment

This is nothing but the loss of the customers who is going to proceed with the checkout process in online store. Based on the Forrester study, 89% of the consumers have abandoned the shopping cart at least for once.

“High abandonment in the shopping cart is 72% in 2011.”

Here are the top reasons for why shopping cart abandonment takes place,

  • Higher Price
  • Shipping costs
  • Hassle environment
  • Not using live chats
  • Site speed

8. Product Reviews

The best part of the product detail page optimization is to have excellent product description as most of the purchase decisions arise because of these reviews. Smartphone have done it easy for the customers to review the products.

“Above 61% of shoppers read reviews before purchasing the product.”

So, the best thing starts from showcasing the reviews about the products. Never try to delete the negative comments or feedback with low quality. Because, if you have only a few negative comments among lots of positive ones, then customers usually don’t consider it.

If you don’t get any reviews, just opt for showing the stars.  Whatever may be the star you get, it means the review and more than that.

9. Cross-sell Popular and Related Products

Usually, only some of the visitors open your product pages with the brilliant decision of buying the products, but most them never have anything on their mind regarding the purchase of the product. So, this is a good chance to make them buy your product.

“10-30% of eCommerce revenues come through up-sell and cross-sell products.”

By showcasing better products similar to your visitor’s product or the product bought by other customers, you will be able to use the previous customer data to provide your visitor with what they are looking for. Even though Amazon do a great job in recommending the products, Zappos do more than that by offering the related products in a user-friendly way.

10. Plug in a Live Chat Tool

Stick to the bottom corner of your web page and persuade your customers with the help of live chat. This will make your customers feel upright that they get the needed answer immediately without doing any annoying calls for purchasing. They may even have the queries like whether the product fits their needs or the clothes suits them or not and anything that they wanted to know. Just be ready to be available with an answer for all the questions they might ask.

“44% of consumers need help from a live person while shopping online.”

Apart from this, live chat acts as the best way in getting feedback and improving your website and other types of offerings.

Up to you

These are the simple tips to provide better customer support and as well increasing the sales. Make use of these simple tools to expand your e-commerce business worldwide.

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