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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to get your online shop up and running, we make all the setup required to launch your ecommerce store by adding logo, customizing theme and integrating your website with payment gateway and setting it ready to sell online and receive payments effortlessly.

All you need is a secured server with high performance to withstand good amount of traffic and it be up 24/7 without any downtime to give your customer a hassle-free shopping experience.

Yes we do offer three-month free support after you purchase our product. However, if you face any technical issues you may contact us immediately anytime and we are happy to assist you further. You may get in touch either by phone, email or Skype in case of any urgent help!

Yes, all products of ionwe offer COD option irrespective of its plan! We do always recommend cash-on-delivery option as it boosts your customer experience and it also gains trust and loyalty to your brand.

We will be asking you for domain and server login credentials, your website logo, and payment gateway API to implement the details on our readymade ecommerce script and then launch your website after a thorough testing process.

As per the basic plan, you may upload the products by your own and you will be offered with necessary training to do so. In case if you have opted for premium plans or upgraded existing plan, we will help you by adding necessary products and customize your website based on your requirement.

From physical goods to downloadable digital products, ionwe supports all kind of businesses who wants to build a simple yet powerful storefront to venture into online selling! We have readymade platforms specially tailored to sell products like with pre-loaded features required to run an online business.

Since ionwe’s ecommerce platform has been built using Magento framework, the websites are 100% customizable. It supports all the features that are supported by Magento! Since it is built on open source technology, you can even update, upgrade or customize the website in future without any hassle.

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